PV30 Official Rules

THE PALEOVEGAN DIET PV30 Are you having a difficult time losing weight, struggling with staying awake throughout the day, or are experiencing aches and pains that medication doesn’t seem to help? Perhaps you’re struggling with skin…Read More

Paleo-Vegan Mocha Frappuccino

Attention, you can now get your morning coffee, nutritious banana, chocolatey superfood, and protein in one delicious, whipped up smoothie in less than 5 minutes flat (with a little planning). This PaleoVegan Mocha Frappuccino Smoothie features…Read More

What is Resistant Starch?

What is Resistant starch? Resistant Starch (RS) is a starch that is characterized by its inability to be digested or absorbed within the upper digestive tract. Passing through the stomach unchanged by digestive enzymes, it is…Read More

Rosemary Sweet Potato Fries

FRIES.  When it comes to fries, no combination can beat the sweet and savory flavor and texture of sea salt-dusted Rosemary Sweet Potato Fries.  Often served as a side, don’t be surprised if you end up enjoying…Read More

Paleo-Vegan Yogurt Recipe

Perhaps one of the most iconic staples of breakfast for centuries has just been plain yogurt and granola with fruit. Being on a PaleoVegan diet shouldn’t prevent you from having this for breakfast either! So for…Read More

Roasted Winter Squash and Carrot Soup

Prepare to love another squash! Pumpkin and carrot soups tend to get a lot of play in the fall and winter months, but many squash varieties produce unparalleled flavor profiles and get, well, totally ignored.…Read More

Top 10 Paleo Vegan Guidelines

Ready to lose weight and feel great like celebrities Demi Moore and Madonna on the hottest diet trend of 2015? PaleoVegan Diet adherents report increases in energy, mental clarity, and weight loss! The following are…Read More

Paleo Vegan Cayenne Espresso Chocolate Mousse

Cayenne Espresso Chocolate Mousse Skip the Dairy! This is perhaps the easiest chocolate mousse ever created, harnessing the smooth, mousse-like consistency of the avocado to create the  Cayenne Espresso Chocolate Mousse. In this recipe, the depth of…Read More

Rosemary Roasted Roots

Rosemary Roasted Roots Warm in the winter, cool in the summer, this Paleo Vegan Diet recipe for Rosemary Roasted Roots is perfect for any time of the year, featuring Carrots, Beets, Potatoes, Purple Onions, savory Rosemary, and…Read More

Autoimmune Disease and Diet

The American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association estimates that there are around 50 million people in the United States with an autoimmune condition, and suggests that its prevalence may be increasing.  To put that another way, that is…Read More