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Are you ready to improve your visibility and increase sales to PaleoVegan consumers through the PaleoVegan Certification Partnership Program?  Download a New PaleoVegan Certification Application PDF for your qualified paleo products HERE. 

paleo vegan certifiationDemand for Paleo Vegan Crossover Products on the Rise

Eating a plant-based or Paleo diet is not just a trend. For many people around the globe, it's a serious health, lifestyle and environmental decision.The appeal and potential for paleo vegan products is expanding beyond the small group of people who avoid animal products for ethical reasons to include the much larger base of consumers seeking healthier, cleaner foods such as those in the Paleo Movement.Increased interest in food from mission-based companies, and a desire to be part of a “food tribe” is fueling the growth of both the Paleo and Vegan communities, alike. In fact, according to Nutrition Business Journal, Paleo Product sales forecasted to reach $300 million by 2018.Interest in the Paleo Diet has risen dramatically in recent years— it was the most-searched diet worldwide in 2013 and 2014 according to year-end Google reportings— and growth in paleo-product sales has followed suit with no signs of slowing down.In fact, Paleo Products had a sales growth of 57.3% in natural and specialty retail in 2014, with a projected reach of 58.1% in sales growth this year. However, due to significant overlap in the foods eaten by followers of the Paleo Diet, the biggest opportunity lies in offering “clean” crossover products that appeal to both Paleo Dieters and Vegan groups alike: dairy-free, meat-free, grain-free, and legume-free products. In addition, the U.S. is “becoming a nation of food tribalists with cultures built around close-knit viral communities based on personal values and behaviors” according to Eric Pierce, Director of strategy and insights at New Hope Natural Media, the host of Natural Products Expo West.What we see is an opportunity for manufacturers to appeal to a growing consumer base that is increasingly questioning companies’ motives, demanding social good, and coalescing into strong forces in the Natural Foods Industry, thwarting both movements into the mainstream consciousness.

What Can Paleo Vegan Certification Partnership offer Paleo Vegan Product Manufacturers?

Paleo Vegan Certification can give the assurance and peace of mind that a third party, trusted certifier can provide— increasing brand trust among the growing body of concerned Paleo and Vegan dieters.  Paleo Vegan Certification also distinguishes your products among the sea of mislabeled products that already exist, and those to come.While the third-party validation is awesome, that’s not the most valuable service Paleo Vegan Certification offers.What we really are is a certification organization, advertising organization, and social promotions company rolled into one. We understand this isn’t expected of an organization like ours, but we don’t see the point of establishing a strong Paleo and Vegan audience if we aren’t going to flex our social muscles and help you do better business by increasing your products’ visibility throughout the Natural Foods, Paleo, and Vegan platforms.  The vast majority of our efforts are in product promotion, and we strive to come up with clever ways to drive traffic to your websites to get you sales and increased brand visibility and trust.If you roll out a new product, we roll out with you. If you’re having trouble getting into a store location that’s on the fence, we aim to push them over. We are in your corner. 

We want to do our job so well that you can’t even imagine doing business without us.

The following links direct you to a few social sites associated with our organization. There you will be able to get an idea of what we’re doing to promote Certified Paleo Vegan companies just like yours.

Associated Websites and Groups

We have a few different programs and initiatives, each serving the purpose of improving visibility for partnered companies.

  • The Paleo Movement Magazine The entire Business Section and Advertisement Space is dedicated for Certified Products.
  • All of the products from certification programs may be found here.
  • Paleo Friendly Certification program
  • Paleo Approved Certification Program for Farms and Ranchers
  • Paleo Vegan Certification for Crossover Products
  • IPMG  World’s Largest and First Paleo Group on Facebook serving over 13 thousand active members.
  • Paleo Business Directory Another great resource for the Paleo Movement at large.
  • The Paleo Market ®  Not-yet-launched online Paleo Market that is currently #1 for Paleo Products on Google is only considering Paleo Certified products to carry. 

Ready to Join The Club?

Things are only going to get better. Ready to join the club? Download the New Certified Paleo Vegan Application HERE to improve visibility of your Paleo Vegan cross-over products in our Partnership Program. 



Paleo Vegan Certification