CaCoCo Drinking Chocolate


CaCoCo Drinking Chocolate

CaCoCo Drinking Chocolate is Paleo Vegan, Organic, and is as good nutritionally for the body as it is good tasting. We use whole, raw cacao beans, low-glycemic, mineral-rich sweeteners like coconut nectar crystals and carob, and fresh warming spices like true cinnamon, nutmeg, and ground vanilla bean. 

CaCoCo is dairy-free, gluten free, and contains no major allergens like soy, corn, and cane sugar. Healthy, whole, nourishing foods are fundamental to the philosophy of CaCoCo Drinking Chocolate, and there are a number of other key features to keep in mind for why CaCoCo stands out from other chocolate beverages or superfood drinks!


High Quality Whole Food Alchemy: the Perfect Process for the Perfect Product

When you choose CaCoCo you are receiving the highest quality chocolate drink available! 

Nothing matches the exquisite taste and full bodied jubilation people experience when sipping CaCoCo. This is because CaCoCo includes the most masterfully grown cacao on the planet, sourced directly from Ecuadorian farmers using beyond organic practices. CaCoCo has also combined an excellent alchemy of ingredients to create a balanced symphony of taste greater than the sum of its parts.

Another distinctive feature of CaCoCo emerges from the fact that the vast majority of americans are used to the standard ‘hot chocolate’ made with cocoa powder processed with alkali, added to cane sugar and boiled milk. CaCoCo includes the butter from the cacao bean, making it a creamy whole food chocolate beverage, without the need for milk. The body knows when it is getting the whole experience, and the growing ranks of CaCoCo enthusiasts have said time and time again, “I have never had anything like this before!”, or “Wow, magnificent!”

Finally, CaCoCo emphasizes the perfect process to enjoy the perfect product. We have seen over and over that when the CaCoCo powder is shaken or blended with hot water in the proper proportion, the mind-blowing result is guaranteed: Creamy, Delicious Bliss. If CaCoCo is stirred, the result is quite good, yet doesn’t yield the same mesmerizing quality that leads to transcendent experiences.

Therefore we insist that anyone preparing CaCoCo utilize the perfect process: Shake or blend!

CaCoCo envisions a world that embraces environmental sustainability, social responsibility and healthy vibrant lifestyles. We are committed to this change by providing the highest quality drinking chocolate products made exclusively from whole, living, organic foods, utilizing ingredients from ecologically and socially sustainable resources with uncompromised integrity.

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CaCoCo is Certified PaleoVegan Diet Approved.


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