Sweet Eats Artisan Chocolate


Sweet Eats Artisan Chocolate

The Sweet Eats Artisan Chocolate mission is to create chocolates that are perfect for a healthy lifestyle. We keep our ingredients sweet and simple, just the way we like our chocolate! All of our tasty morsels are preservative free and contain no soy or gluten. Sweet Eats, uses only real, high quality and often, organic ingredients to ensure a guilt-free and delicious chocolate experience.

Sweet Eats Artisan Chocolate thinks you should have your chocolate and eat it too. Sadly, the Sweet Eats family has not been able to indulge in the world’s favorite indulgence for years, due to food allergies. So we set out on a mission to create dairy, gluten, grain and soy free chocolate without all of the added junk! At Sweet Eats we handcraft our chocolate from bean to bar with only the purest ingredients. All of our chocolate flavors are dairy, gluten, grain, soy and refined sugar free. We use only organic and fairly traded Cacao and Cacao Butter. Our chocolate is the result of only two plants – the Cacao bean and the Coconut. Keeping the ingredients simple and close to their natural state is the key to the unique quality of our chocolate. Our ingredients are few but our flavors are bold and delicious!

At Sweet Eats Artisan Chocolate Co. we believe it is important to be knowledgeable about the ingredients you put into your body. Unlike many other chocolate companies out there we promise our chocolate will never contain GMO’s, anything artificial, refined or full of chemicals you can’t pronounce.

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Sweet Eats Artisan Chocolate is PaleoVegan Diet Approved


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