This Pie is Nuts


This Pie is Nuts

“We can eat whatever we want. But we should be eating pie. Stop worrying about calories and start looking at ingredients.” -Chef Diana

About 20 years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I was told there was no cure and that there was nothing, aside from some medicine to keep it at bay, that I could do to stop it. I decided that one way to ensure my health would be to take better take control of my diet. I wanted to continue eating good tasting food, but I wanted to avoid anything that wasn’t good for me. My desire to learn more led me to enroll in the Natural Gourmet Institute. My experience there gave me a whole different insight into what I was eating. I graduated and experimented with what I learned.

This Pie Is Nuts was born.

Choosing the very best ingredients was our starting point. Every ingredient is carefully selected and works FOR your body. This is not a low fat food and it doesn’t taste like one. (Thank goodness the 80’s are over!) With all the allergies out there, our next concern was that the pies be vegan and gluten free. We wanted as many people as possible to enjoy them. But if you aren’t vegan or gluten free then this pie is for YOU too! The ultimate test? I wouldn’t put it on the market until my Dad liked it. He wouldn’t normally choose anything vegan or gluten free but he’d still pick our pies over any other.

Real food is the ONLY thing your body needs. These pies satisfy because they are nutrient packed without processed ingredients, we even replaced the cornstarch with kuzu and agar. We don’t make the pies with processed ingredients and then put some nutrients back in. We don’t think food works well when we manipulate it. We’re thinking you don’t either.

Now sit back and enjoy some pie!!

-Chef Diana

this pie is nuts paleovegan diet approved








paleovegan diet approved

This Pie is Nuts! is PaleoVegan Diet Approved.



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