PV30 Official Rules


Are you having a difficult time losing weight, struggling with staying awake throughout the day, or are experiencing aches and pains that medication doesn’t seem to help? Perhaps you’re struggling with skin conditions or digestive issues, or even more harrowing concerns like fertility issues, and you haven’t found an answer that worked. You may not realize it, but these issues could be directly linked to the foods you eat. Including the foods that you were always taught were healthy for you.

Specific foods like grains, dairy, and legumes may be the culprit. New research indicates that these foods we’ve long believed to be healthy may be causing metabolic and hormonal disturbances and cascades within the body, causing all of these aforementioned ailments. Individual testing methods for food sensitivities can take time and be costly, and possibly completely ineffective. So how do you know for sure that these foods are the culprits?

The answer is simple: take the PaleoVegan Diet for a spin with our a #PV30 Day Challenge!

What is the PaleoVegan Diet, PV30?

Consider the PV30 a Complete Reset. The goal is to remove these foods from the diet for 30 days to see how it affects your body— but you must complete the program for an entire 30 days— or you may never know the full benefits of the PV30 Program. In a matter of 30 days, your body will have a fighting chance to repair damage, and put itself back onto the course towards health. Should you cheat during your PV30, you may restart the cycle of inflammation, hormonal disruption, and imbalance and never experience the full benefits.

And although results will vary from one person to another, we can promise you is that the PV30, will, unequivocally, cause you to think more about your food choices and how they impact you.

PV30 Pre-Game

You will need:

  • A PV30 Journal: You will detail your mood, your sleep, your alertness, and your cravings in your PV30 Journal. This will help you discover how much these foods have been impacting your everyday life. One thing you must remember is not to get caught up in the minutiae of the scale. The most important numbers are taken before and after completion of the PV30 Program. So your Day 1 of your PV30 will include your weight, and your Day 30 of PV30 will show your new weight.
  • A PV30 “CLEAN”: Willpower is like a muscle. After a while, your willpower muscle will become fatigued and you will reach for that bag of cereal, or bread if it is still in the house. To ensure your completion of the PV30 Program, you will need to remove all grains, legumes, and dairy from your house to avoid causing undue willpower exhaustion. You will, however, need to purchase essential items for your PV30 so that you don’t go hungry.
  • A PV30 “PRIZE”: After most challenges, people enjoy bingeing on foods that were previously not eaten. This is a grave mistake! Instead, you will need a PV30 Prize that isn’t destructive.  Instead, you are going to reward yourself with something that makes you feel good. A prize can be anything from a new pair of jeans that you’ve been eyeing for months, to a vacation or weekend getaway with your friends or family.


No Meat, Grains, Legumes, Dairy, or Added Sugar Allowed.

  • No animal derived protein, such as fish, eggs, chicken, honey, or red meat of any kind.
  • No wheat, corn, oats, or even pseudograins like buckwheat, quinoa, or amaranth.
  • No legumes like beans, soy, tempeh, and yes, even peanut butter.
  • No dairy from any animal, including cheese, milk, sour cream, or butter.
  • No raw sugar, maple syrup, coconut sugar, date syrups, coconut syrups, or palm sugars, etc.

Complete removal of each of these are key within the program to help you regain your health. Be sure to read all labels and ensure that none of these ingredients are in your foods. The best way to avoid added sugars in foods is to make them at home from fresh foods, yourself.

No Alcohol. 

This doesn’t mean no alcohol forever. However, to find your baseline health and allow for your body to recover, you must not have alcohol, even in cooking, for the complete PV30 Program.

No Artificial Ingredients.

Natural Flavorings, Alcohol Sugars like Aspartame, Sucralose, Neotame, and other chemical sweeteners are artificial and therefore not allowed on the PV30 program.

No PaleoVegan Permutations. 

PaleoVegan Permutations of baked goods and/or junk foods with PaleoVegan ingredients is not allowed on the PV30. This may thwart your results and have undesired consequences. These are foods that are better suited for the long term PV365 Plan! But for the PV30 reset, these are not allowed!

Last and Final Rule: No Bingeworthy Foods

These rules are limited guidelines that do not take your personal limitations into account. If you have foods that you find you binge on, it’s best to remove those foods completely from your PV30. Foods that are well known to trigger overeating include: potato chips, sweet potato chips, dried fruits, and salted nuts. So employ your best judgement to ensure that you aren’t shooting yourself (and your health goals) in the foot with your food choices. If foods like these exist for you, make a special note for yourself in your PV30 Journal.

What to Eat on the PV30

You may be wondering to yourself, “What in the heck am I going to eat then?!” Never fear, we have you covered with a complete list and 30 day meal plan of ideas full of healthy and fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, and berries that will keep you satiated and glowing during your PV30.


Frequent PV30 FAQs:

Is salt allowed on the PV30? 

Absolutely. Many vital nutrients and minerals can be found in salt. Sea salt is best.

Is it OK to drink Fruit Juice? 

Yes, Fresh Pressed Orange Juice has been found to work magic in reducing inflammation after high-fat meals.

Is it OK to use Condiments like Vinegar, Ketchup, and Mustard on PV30? 

Yes, as long as they do not contain gluten, artificial ingredients and stabilizers, or added sugars.

Are Nut Milks and Coffee OK on a PV30?

Yes, provided that they do not contain added sugars and sweeteners.

Ive heard the first week is difficult. Are there any tips you can offer to make it easier?

Yes. Be sure to incorporate plenty of fat from healthy sources into your diet. Great sources include avocado, nuts, and coconut.

How can I convince someone to try a PV30?

The best way to encourage someone to give the PV30 a try is by setting a great example for them.


pv30 you can do it paleo vegan diet


The only way the PV30 will work is if you commit to give us your all for 30 days: this means no cheating, no “accidentally taking just one little bitty bite of pizza”, no ‘special occasion’, for 30 whole days. The only rule we failed to mention is that if you ‘slip’, you start back again at Day 1, and if you don’t complete your PV30, you can’t have your ‘Pre-Game’ PV30 Prize, either. That would defeat the purpose!


Maybe the PV30 seems like quite the challenge, and you are are worried that you won’t be able to fully complete your PV30 without a ‘slip’, listen up. This can be done. It HAS been done. And it can be done AGAIN.

And when you’re done you will feel a great sense of accomplishment for yourself.  That is a guarantee.

But maybe you are worried that you won’t be able to make it. Maybe you are worried what you friends will think. Maybe you have every excuse in the book to why you can’t, but let me repeat: YOU CAN DO THIS. Think about how good you will feel when you realize that you did something for yourself, for 30 days without cheating, and you have overcome some fears or doubts about yourself that you had.

You have the choice to eat healthier, to choose to eat a diet that is cruelty-free, and you have the choice to NOT to order than Blueberry Scone at Starbucks when you feel like rewarding yourself. This is how bad habits are formed. This is why you need this program. This is why you need to learn the behavior of preparing meals and learning to “Just Say No” to unhealthy foods. This is why even though it will be difficult, it will be so rewarding. Besides, it’s only 30 days. You’re here, which means you’ve come this far and you believe that you can do this.

So today, right now, no matter what time of the day it is, grab your Journal and Write “PV30 Day 1” next to the date. Take a picture, send it to your friends and family and ask them for their support to help hold yourself accountable.

Let the journey to better health begin.

Welcome to PV30.



PV30 Official Rules


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